we conceive reality
in a
world of precision

3D modelling and 2D drawing

3D mechanical

advanced 3D

Advanced 3D assembly modeling 


3D rendering 

sheet metal design

conceptual progression

motion animation and
model simulation

we provide precise CAD DESIGN services to our clients requirements using various leading edge design programs

hands-on experience

Our professional machining and program experience
(CNC Tool Machines including 5 axis milling) ....

....helps us understand your production needs and

express them in a cost effective 3D concept



Linear Progression

concept - design - prototype - production

We have working relationships with highly qualified and long established companies to support your prototype and/or production needs in respect of machined components with multi-axis turning and 5 axis milling.

Ask us to get a cost efficient quote for your project, with companies  organised around the ISO9001 standard.

Our diligence and professionalism are at your service with creative solutions 

In partnership, we'll help you solve your problems in an efficient and cost effective manner

cad-cadmn-Surfaces avancées 3D

Surface design

cad-cadmn-Génie mécanique 3D

engineering components


product production synergism

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We will be happy to assist if you have a problem or question

Please do not attempt to send us any design drawings until we have issued you with a signed confidentiality agreement protecting your intellectual property rights.

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Company details and Security

Confidential email

When we enter a communication scenario we do so over a highly secure email environment

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Company Registration

Postal address
233 Avenue de Verdun
Residence les Sarments - C5

CADmn is a limited liability company which commenced business in 2021 and is registered with the company registration number: 893306787

The company specialises in engineering activities,CAD design, engineering production technologies, technical studies mechanical engineering consultancy. 

 Privacy/Confidentiality Charter (NDA)

We never sell your information


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